Welcome to the first day of Spring (insert eye-roll here). I know the feeling.  The first day of spring should bring us smiles. Waking outdoors taking a deep breath of fresh air and seeing the sunshine. Taking a walk without gloves, hat and your coat that still has the hood attached. So what happened?

One of the first things I did on this first day of spring was to checkout Shawn Cable's forecast. Ugh! Here's what I learned right off: "Accumulation of around an inch"

That's as far as I got.  Then I stopped eating my breakfast.

On a good year about this time the snow blower would be going back in the storage shed and the lawn mower would come out.  Making sure all is set to get the yard cleaned up and wake up the garden.  Turning back to 2014 I planted beans, lettuce and spinach in my garden on March 20.

This year on March 20 I want to put camo on, choose something special from my arsenal and go in search for that varmint named Phil.

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