Springtime is the season many of us look forward to with outdoor activities like baseball, softball, soccer, proms and graduation.

Unfortunately and tragically for some families, their son or daughter will not return home from a night of celebration and fun because their child chose to drink or accept a ride from someone who had been drinking.

According to safesouthdakota.com, between 57 and 61 teens were killed since 2006 in alcohol related crashes, while 641 were injured.

When I was in my teens, I thought that I was old enough and responsible enough to drink.  I looked at it as a passage to adulthood. I was a good student, what could possibly go wrong? I think that many of us as parents can look back to our younger days and wonder how lucky we were that disaster was narrowly avoided, due to a sheer stroke of luck.

As a radio personality, many of the songs we play glorify drinking. They paint a picture of fun and of acceptance. Other media also paint the same fantasy.  It is just that. A fantasy.  Real life is much more harsh.  The consequences can be irreparable.

Before the prom and graduation season begins, now is the time as a parent to talk with your son or daughter about the tragic consequences of drinking and driving or accepting a ride from someone who has been drinking.

It's the talk that's tough but necessary.  You may be saving your child's life.