So, what was America up to during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 besides working at home, eating copious amounts of food, and imbibing daily with Happy, Happy Hours? Some of that time at home may have included venturing back to the comfort years of their lives and delving back into something from their childhood. Sports Cards.

Maybe you know the ones we're talking about. Sports Cards don't necessarily come with bubble gum anymore, but they do come in packages. My youngest son Tad had mentioned that a friend of his Austin Brekke has been collecting. Investing and collecting. It seems that Brekke has jumped into the buying and the trading portion of Sports Cards. When you hear some of the values on these cards, chances are your head might spin around on your shoulders as mine did.

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Some cards it seems are valued, yes VALUED in the tens of thousands of dollars. Ja Morant may be in the $700 to $800 range. The 9.5 Zion might be in the $1700 range. The LeBron card might be in the $400 to $500 Range. I know, CRAZY right!? Some bring much, much more!

That's not all, the Pokemon cards that kids used to trade in school, are also selling for thousands. Thousands.

I know what you may be asking. Why?  Well, it seems that you can make, or lose rather large amounts of money. In a sense, just owning and collecting, like cars and firearms. Being able to make some extra money, or lots of extra might also be a good reason why.

Thank you for sharing this with your Facebook and Twitter friends. You know, the ones you think might not be interested, but actually, are?  Hey, you never know what they might have in the drawers at their house.

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