I follow the South Dakota Highway Patrol on my Facebook feed. They do a nice job mixing humor with 'come on now!' Recently there have been quite a few stories regarding speeding in or should we say 'through' the state of South Dakota. Our interstate system covers many miles and with recent fixes, with the infrastructure, it seems that some cannot resist finding out how fast that ride will go.

A friendly reminder that speed and reckless driving are strictly enforced in South Dakota at ALL times of the day. The slowing of traffic at night does not turn the interstate into the Autobahn. 

A closer look at the picture and I saw that the guy or gal was caught doing 125 mph. I don't care where you come from that's a pretty good clip. Then I read that they were caught traveling at a high speed at night. I couldn't help but wondering where this happened? Maybe near Kadoka, or somewhere west river?

We've all done it a time or two. Most of us anyway. You get an empty stretch of highway, a good song comes ono the radio and you just hammer it down. But, yes it does come with a price. When the speed picks up, you can feel the auto almost 'lift' off the highway. most of the time you get a bit of a thrill and slow down. Quickly. But 125 mph? A number like that takes some thought. Or lack thereof. Hit a deer? Or drift into the ditch at that speed and I would imagine they'd hope to find some form of identification to prove who was driving the car.

There was no mention of the cost of the ticket. I can't imagine that a reckless driving charge was tacked on as well.

What do you think? 125 MPH a little too fast? Thank you for sharing this story with your heavy-footed friends.

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