Producer Lauren is getting married in May and shared that she is burying bourbon before her wedding day for good luck!

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She is doing it because it’s supposed to bring good weather on the day of your wedding, and she is getting married outside! Burying the bourbon is a tradition that, if done correctly, is supposed to ward off rain the day of the wedding. Those who swear by this Southern myth state that the couple must visit their wedding venue exactly a month before the wedding date and bury a full bottle of bourbon upside down. No one on the show had heard of this before or done it. When Lauren first toured her wedding venue, she asked if it was something they’d be able to do and was told they currently had multiple bottles buried on the property for upcoming weddings. She also had a friend who buried bourbon for her wedding, and it rained all day but right before the ceremony started it cleared up!

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Lauren and her fiancé will bury a bottle of bourbon upside down at their wedding venue one month before they say, “I Do.” Then on the day of their wedding, they will dig it up and take a sip from it. There’s no guarantee it will work but it’s a fun superstition they want to try! Lauren is also doing other wedding superstitions like making sure her fiancé doesn’t see the dress before the wedding and they are spending the night before the big day apart. She plans to do a first look where they will read each other a personal letter and then have the ceremony and reception!

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