Have you ever flipped through your Facebook feed and stumbled across something that you missed. I was thumbing through and came across a video of then 6-year-old Eden Barkmeier of Warner, South Dakota singing The Star-Spangled Banner at a Basketball game. They handed her the mic and she took it from there!

First off, that is probably the hardest song to sing, ever. What I was impressed with was where she started, and where she finished. For those of you keeping track at home, that place was 'on pitch.' All the way through that's the one thing that stood out to me. Diction and poise? Absolutely.

I talked with Eden's mom Jennifer on the phone recently. Jennifer went to school in Webster and then Northern State University and is currently the music teacher at Warner, South Dakota. She mentioned that Eden has been 'distance learning' but is eager to head back to school here shortly! Jennifer also mentioned that as things get back to more normal,' they hope to get Eden out to perform more!

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Last summer Eden performed with Sherwin Linton at the South Dakota State Fair along with a few other 'gigs.' You can tell from just one listen, that she'll be out doing more soon!

The video above is when Eden was 7. She has a recording on their Facebook page of Eden singing the song when she was 6. That Facebook video has over 1.5 million views. UPDATE: In less than two days, it now has 2.2 million views on Facebook. See it here.  I know from talking to her Mom that she's proud, but there is no way she could have listened to it that many times!

Thanks for sharing this story with Moms and Dads and Kids that love music and keep your eyes and ears open for more from Eden Barkmeier right here!  Eden would also love it if you would subscribe to her YouTube page here!

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