There's no shortage of cars on the road in Sioux Falls. But you would never guess that we have more than most cities in the country.

According to CoPilot Research, Sioux Falls has more cars per person than any other midsized or large American city of 150,000 or more people. In South Dakota's largest city, we own 0.99 cars for every person 16 and older. And when you factor in all of the smaller cities it still is nearly on top.

The number of cars per person was figured out by studying the total number of vehicles, the number of people aged 16 years and over, median household income, the percentage of people who drive to work, and the average commute time.

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That might sound like a strange number to only have 0.99 cars per person when everyone I know owns a car. But there are people who do not own a car, they don't drive, or they drive a car owned by a parent or family member.

In larger cities that number is even smaller because of those who use public transit and never drive. New York has only 0.29 cars owned per person. Most of that city never drives.

When compared to every single city, smaller cities bump Sioux Falls further down the list, but only to number seven. Billings, Montana has the most cars per person at 1.07, followed by Arvada, CO, Meridian, ID, Spokane Valley, WA, Pearland, TX, and League City, TX.

Of the nearby cities, Lincoln, Nebraska was the only one in the top 25 coming in at 23 with 0.94 cars per person.

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