Earlier this spring I loaded the truck and headed north and west to Oldham, South Dakota. I had heard of the tiny town in Kingsbury County [Population 133] and thought I'd make a trip there, someday.  A few years ago, I had received a nice email from Heidi who lives just north of Oldham. When I made it to Oldham, I met up with Heidi and she gave me a tour of the place Heidi and Dave call home.

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Now, Dave and Heidi's place isn't like most. They have a lot of stuff. Some might call it junk, but if you watch any of those shows on HGTV about rare finds and fixing things up, unique things, when you start looking around their place you start using your imagination. Fast.

One of the things I noticed was they have a lot of old pumps. Hand Pumps are popular, a lot of people like to spiff them up with a wire brush and paint and use them in the front yard. I also saw tons of old jugs that many people like to collect!


Turns out they're having a Humongous, Jaw-Dropping Flea Market that is already underway and extends through September 12, 2021. They have a BUNCH of stuff. The Handbill says they have Antiques, Furniture, quality Junk, Farm Parts, Car Parts, Well Pumps, Iron Beds, Tools, Glassware, Buckets, and surprises.

Load up the pickup, heck take a trailer too, and drive to Oldham this weekend. And check out the Humongous Jaw-Dropping Flea Market, just north of the tiny little town Oldham, South Dakota. 21734 445th Avenue. Google it in and drive on up!


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