Wow, is Sioux Falls growing!

From 153,888 people in the 2010 census to 192,517 in 2020, Sioux Falls has grown by 25.10% in just the last 10 years. And if you look around town here in 2021, you know that number is going up every day. It has to be the fastest-growing in the state, right?

Well, percentage-wise, nope. Not even close.

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Hmm. OK. Well, I've heard Harrisburg is exploding, so I'm putting my money on Harrisburg then.

Ah, wrong again Buck-o. Oh, no doubt about it, Harrisburg is one growing fine town in the state, going from 4,089 to 6,732 in those 10 years for a 64.64% increase. Impressive for sure, but not the biggest percentage jump, not by a long shot.

Where then?

Well, believe it or not, a couple of towns doubled in size. Now, these are a couple of the, uh...smaller towns. White Rock went from 3 residents to 6. And Wetonka went from 8 to 16. But even those 100% increases didn't top the list.

That honor actually goes to...


The town of Piedmont increased in size and incredible 337.39% from 2010-2020, from 222 folks to 971.

Why the tremendous growth? I don't know, but there it is. Now, some people might ask 'Where the heck is Piedmont? Well, it's in Meade County, out there along I-90 between Rapid City and Sturgis.

By the way, at the other end of the percentage spectrum is Butler, up there in Day county. They dropped over 76% in the Census, from 17 friendly folks to 4.

Here's the entire town list for South Dakota. And the Census for the entire country is here.

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