The best thing to listen to either on a walk or whenever you just need some audio for background noise hands down is a great podcast.

I love podcasts and have one going on my phone while I'm either at work or cleaning the house on the weekends.

And according to, over 50% of homes in the US are also fans of listening to podcasts.

Which then brought up the question in my mind, if people like listening to podcasts which genre is the most listened too? And more importantly which podcasts, in particular, are South Dakotans listening to?

True-crime podcasts are one of the most popular genres of podcasts behind comedy and education and the reason most believe why the genre is so popular is because listeners want to

“know-how and why [the crime] happens.” -

Turns out South Dakotans have voted and determined that Morbid, a podcast that covers anything and everything relating to unsolved crimes, mysteries, to serial killers is their favorite true-crime podcast.

Five other states also agreed that Morbid was also their favorite true-crime podcast: Maine, West Virginia, Washington, Arkansas, and New Hampshire.

The true-crime podcast currently has 35 episodes and can be heard either on their website or any other streaming service and or platform you prefer.

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