Yes, officially Worthing is one of those great South Dakota towns with a population 'Under A Grand'. But safe to say, not for long (and maybe not even at this moment).

According to the 2010 census, Worthing clocked in with 877 friendly folks. But that, of course, is on the edge of ten years ago and this is one growing community! Why?

Well, a lot of folks would tell you because it's close to Sioux Falls, the state's largest city...and that would be correct.

But hold on Hoss... there are a lot more reasons too!

'Pride, Progress & Possibilities' isn't just a catchy slogan for Worthing, it's a way of life. Incorporated back in 1879 thanks, like so many South Dakota communities, to the railroad folks, Worthing has been growing and growing ever since.

But it's been since about 1990 that Worthing has really grown. While it was once known as a small farming town (and proud of it) it's now become a modern, vibrant community.  And while it has kept it's small-town charm (which I absolutely love!), it's also a progressive town.

So while you have all the 'big city' pluses with Sioux Falls just up the road a few miles, you still have that small-town charm that maybe you miss from the 'old days'.

Put together a great location along with fantastic friendly down-home folks and what you have is a great place to visit...and live in!


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