Recently I road tripped with John our engineer here at the radio station. I like to get out and see the guts of the radio station sometimes. More than that I like to get out of the office once in a while and see how different it is out there. January can really tell a tale.

The first thing I noticed was, there is a lot more snow, JUST to the west of Sioux Falls. I knew that from snow totals, but still, going back and forth like a gerbil in a cage to work along a familiar trail like 57th Street can get you all tunnel-visioned up.

On our little sojourn, we had to head cross country across a field to avoid drifting on the road. As the station truck groaned, to cross the field, you could hear the crusted over snowpack breaking and cracking under the weight of the machine. It's crusty out there. Now with snow just yesterday, there's a powdery white, just waiting to blow around.

Things are so much different in the country during the winter. When you live out in the open, so many things can change, so fast. Those things that morph and change are Mother Natures way of saying, You can look, and you can wonder, but you have to respect me.

Here's a reminder, when you or the family leave the house, have a shovel, an emergency kit, WARM CLOTHES, and a charger in the vehicle to keep your phone up and running. Yep, things are different in the country.

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