The summer of 2019 has pretty much come and gone and left most of us wondering what could have happened as well as what should have happened. Hay should have been cut, fields should have been planted, overshoes should have been put away for extended periods of time, but good old Mother Nature had other plans. Those plans were mostly the 'rain on your parade variety.'

We've been frozen out, flooded out and winded out with tornadoes. It makes you wonder when we see a cloud of locust coming over the horizon. [I bet I just made you look out your window to the west!]

It seems that Mother Nature even has some of its own fooled. I received this picture from Dan Soulek from Armour. It came with the text,

These minnows are on the road west of the tree on the land dad bought a few years ago.

You thought you were confused! Instead of hanging out in a tank at Abby's in Pickstown, South Dakota or in a bucket headed out on a Lund fishing boat for a fishing trip on The Missouri River, these poor minnows met their demise on a gravel road. Unceremoniously left to fry in the South Dakota sun by waters that had left them stranded.

It's been a crazy year for sure. But I'm kind of a gambling man. I'm thinking with the crappy Winter, non-existent Spring and washed out Summer that we're in store for a drop-dead beautiful Fall.

Come on Mother Nature. Don't make me put off beautiful, till Christmas. I'm counting on you!

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