Win a FREE Shoulder Mount for Your Hunting Memory

I just got off the phone with Matt Dennis from Scotland, South Dakota. It was quite the conversation. Matt is an 8-year Army Veteran and former corrections officer who decided to take the leap into running his own Taxidermy Shop, Dennis Taxidermy.

Actually, it was his wife who suggested the leap and since Matt said he's afraid of heights he decided to go for it.

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If you check out Matt's work on his Facebook you'll get the drift of what he's up to. Since he's just getting started, he wants to get examples of his work out to the hunting community. You could win a chance to be a part of it.

Dennis Taxidermy is offering a free shoulder mount!

Maybe you have one in the freezer from last year and you haven't had the chance to get it done. Then register.

Maybe you have one in the trunk from this year's hunt. REGISTER BELOW:

There are other combinations of ways that you could turn your European Mount into a full shoulder mount. You'll want to ask Matt about that, but he can make that happen too.

How big does a trophy have to be? It's your memory, so you decide. Matt likes to say it's not the size of the trophy it's the size of the memory that you're hanging on the wall in the den or office.

If you call Matt he can get started right away, so you won't have the long wait that comes from using a taxidermist who may be booked out for over a year!  As a special offer, Matt is offering a 10% discount to current and former military and first responders.

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