Remember all those Help Wanted Signs you used to see around Sioux Falls and around the state of South Dakota. Well, if you want to see one of those now, chances are you have to drive around for a while or at least work harder.

With the onslaught of COVID-19 jobless claims in South Dakota as well as around the entire nation are up sharply. According to South Dakota State News;

During the week of March 22-28, a total of 6,645 initial weekly claims for unemployment benefits were filed with the Department of Labor and Regulation. This is an increase of 5,132 claims over the prior week’s total of 1,513.

Just weeks ago, you could go into almost any bar or restaurant and ask the manager the hardest part of their job and they would say, finding people to work. With CORONAVIRUS most of those same bars or restaurants are either closed or running in minimum mode.

With that in mind, if you do order curbside, if you are able, tip HUGE. You'll make a day, heck you might even help someone make rent. And if you do a drive-through, pay for the car behind you if you can swing it.

If you're fortunate enough to be working, share when and where you can. I know it's a simple message, but it is true. We are all in this, together. If you need to file for unemployment get details here.

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