I realize that many of the the people who live and work in Sioux Falls are actually transplants.

We know many of our listeners and friends come from a small towns throughout South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota; what we like to refer to as Kickin' Country.

Many of them come with some sort of agricultural background, but some just grew up in 'small towns' and moved to Sioux Falls.

For example, Gross, Nebraska is one of my favorite towns on earth.

They tout a local bar called the Nebrask Inn (hope I spelled that right) that serves up great food and drink. Mike and Mary and Chad put on a great spread that people come from miles around to get to every day and especially on the weekends!

Gross is south of Pickstown, South Dakota and you might want to ask one of the locals directions before you head off 'cross country' to get there!'

I just heard from Chad from Gross. He emailed;

Just a quick note letting you know we're having a street dance in Gross July 1, 2017 to Kick off a fundraiser for the Spencer, NE  Volunteer Rescue Unit ambulance upgrade.  Burgers around 5:00 PM and party all night.  If you're headed to Ft. Randall for the July 4th holiday stop by and see how big a party a little town of two can throw!

Over the past years at Kickin' Country we have made a 'great leap forward' in the digital world with KIKN.com as well as Facebook and Twitter.  Now, we would like to give you a chance to use those outlets to 'brag your town up.'

Here's what we would like you to do: Take a couple of photo's of some of the talked about spots or businesses around your small town. If you have a yearly celebration or event make sure you include that information. If we end up with information from more than one resident from say, Salem, we will do our best to include information from everyone.

Share this with all your Facebook and Twitter Friends. Maybe they'll suggest their small town for a 'shout out!'

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