OK, I should have checked before I took off, but it was such a beautiful day, I loaded up and headed west. I didn't know where I was going at the time, but my journey somehow led me to a small town that I've been wanting to check out for years. Monroe, South Dakota.

Monroe is one of those little towns that, unless you know someone from there, you will probably never see. Ever.

Wednesday was different. I pulled on to Mainstreet Monroe, and you could just about hear the trombone, wah, wah, wah, wah. They were closed! Jake's Place in Monroe! I had my heart set on a cold tomato beer and who knows what else.

I have to say, I did pick up a rock chip in my rear break while I was there, but had that taken care of as soon as I got back to town.

How about it? Have you been to Jake's in Monroe, South Dakota? If you have, share this with a bunch of your Facebook or Twitter friends. Who knows, maybe I'll show up for an impromptu 'Ride Home with Chuck' broadcast.

Do you have a cool little 'off the beaten path' town or hangout? I'd love to hear about it. You can email me anytime. jdcollins@kikn.com.

JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls
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