There are many parts of the county you live in, you may have never seen. One such town in Minnehaha County might be Colton, South Dakota.

Colton is in Northern Minnehaha County and named after it's founder, J.E. Colton. Colton started the little town with a creamery. He also was instrumental in building the first school of Colton, a one-room version that got students started in their reading, writing, and arithmetic. The school system got bigger, split off and joined neighboring towns when Tri-Valley School was built.

JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls
JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls

I took a quick tour through town recently and quickly realized that it would be a nice quiet little town to live in. I was intrigued by the beautifully refurbished Texaco Station on the main street. If someone could help me out with the history of this building, I'm guessing it's a story in itself. You can share that information with me with a quick email and reach me at

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