Sometimes you just have to break down and go for a ride. When you do, jump off the beaten path a bit and look up a tiny little town called Canova, South Dakota.

Canova is one of nine smaller towns in Miner County. The county seat, Howard looks monstrous next to little Canova.

Recently, took a little trip through Canova. If it weren't for the speed limit signs you might drive by this South Dakota Small Town of 105. Wikipedia offered a couple of interesting morsels about Canova saying:

Canova was platted in 1883. The town is named after Italian sculptor Antonio Canova.

That alone was pretty cool, then I saw this note.

Ted and Dorothy Hustead lived in Canova just before moving to Wall, South Dakota, and establishing the Wall Drug Store.

Yep, the couple that built one of South Dakota's most talked-about businesses, certainly most advertised with billboards used to live in Canova.

The baseball team is Canova's most talked about interest. In a recent Mitchell Daily Republic story, writer Ryan T. Deal wrote:

Canova, which has roughly 100 people, comes alive during the baseball season. Canova has won five state amateur baseball titles, winning the most recent one in 2018.

There are two youth baseball fields at the same site and all three fields help baseball boom in the tiny town. Canova has multiple teams across the all levels and they’re all regularly playing during the summer.

In that same article, Canova's Mr. Baseball, Dave Gassman was quoted, saying “It’s a busy area at night,”  “Most nights we have two or three games or practices. It’s just about every night there’s something going on down there.”

Thank you for sharing this story about Canova with family and friends who either live or have lived there or were just like me and simply passed through one day.

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