A few years ago, I had the opportunity to make the trip of a lifetime. No, it wasn't to Europe backpacking with college friends. And it wasn't to Norway, which is still on my bucket list. It was a trip around the inside border of the state of South Dakota.

We have a laminated map in the control room. I stare at it all the time. I came up with the idea of a trip around the inside border of the State of South Dakota but here's the catch. My goal was to get as close to the border as possible. That meant lots of gravel roads and in some cases dirt roads. That's my kind of off the beaten path heaven that I love.

The trip was sponsored by a couple of great clients, Cellular Only and South Dakota Corn.  One of the interesting places my journey took me was Ardmore, South Dakota.

Even though I did a quick drive through, it's a bit eerie. Seeing a town that used to be vibrant.

The little town also packs some interesting facts.  According to Wikipedia,

Ardmore was featured in the May 2004 issue of National Geographic Magazine. The community is located approximately one mile north of the South Dakota-Nebraska border along South Dakota Highway 71. It is located next to a stretch of BNSF railroad.

The little town that was also had a famous resident in Doc Middleton. Wikipedia tell the story that Middleton, also known as Gold Teeth Charley was a famous horse thief who stole some 2000 horses during his life.

It was an awesome trip. One that I'll share a few more stories about. In the meantime, have you ever been to Ardmore, or know someone from there, or has even heard of it? If you have I'd love to here from you. Jennifer from Sioux Falls tells us:

The water tower picture is taken from the East side of town looking toward the west on Ardmore road.  The Ardmore Volunteer Fire Department has a raffle & pancake feed during the opening weekend of deer season. All the people in the area including the hunters go because we all know the devastation that a fire can bring to the area. We've been out there hunting, branding & socializing for over 16 years now.

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