I can cross this one off my bucket list. I finally made a visit to Epiphany, South Dakota.

Over the past few years, I've mentioned that I would like to travel to the tiny little town that straddles two counties and I finally did.

Epiphany, South Dakota is a tiny little town mostly in Miner County. The reason I say that, is you can be sitting in the Coonhunter Inn or at Wingen's Garage, simply cross the street to the south and be in McCook County.

If you read the historical marker at the edge of town, you get a quick feel for how the town got its start;

In 1893, a Catholic priest and Medical doctor, Father William Kroeger, built a laboratory in the town. Here, he made medicine to cure diseases and also worked on a cure for skin cancer. He soon came to be known as "the great healer." People came from all over the United States and even from foreign countries to be treated for diseases by Dr. Kroeger.

Thanks to Terry from Wingen's Garage. It was truly a step back in time hanging out with him in his shop and office. Next time you're in Epiphany, stop in and introduce yourself.

You could also grab a cold pop, get some gas and check out some awesome game mounts he has hung in the station.

It's a great little town, and it's within an hour from Sioux Falls. Make it a day trip and check out Epiphany, South Dakota.

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