Being in prison isn't supposed to be fun. And there is no need for the beds to be nice or brand new memory foam mattresses, but the mattress should not have bed bugs.

According to Dakota News Now, bedbugs have become a problem at the Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield.

Alora Dobbeleare, the fiancée of an inmate at the prison, told Dakota News Now that the insects have been a persistent problem and that it has not been sufficiently dealt with. She says her fiancée was given a spray to get rid of the problem but it was only a one-time use spray and the bugs returned quickly and kept biting.

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It appears corrections officials are trying to deal with the problem but it is pretty unclear how strong that effort is. Dakota New Now twice asked for interviews about the issue and was not granted one. After the second request was sent to the South Dakota Department of Corrections, they got this reply:

“We’ve been treating the areas regularly, including another treatment by the exterminator on July 2. We’re also exploring heat treatment by another service. Among the other things that have been done is replacing wooden dressers with metal lockers and removing the wooden desk table from the wall to eliminate areas where the bugs may hide.”

As for how one can get rid of bed bugs, it's a big project. According to WebMD, wash and dry linens at high heat for 30 minutes, brush out the mattress to get rid of eggs, and vacuum the entire area. Or call an exterminator.

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