South Dakota is known as the "land of infinite variety." It also now has a board game based on it.

Late For The Sky, a game company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, produced a game called South Dakota-opoly that is pretty fun. You can buy properties like West River, East River, Motorcycle Rally, and the most valuable property, of course, is Mount Rushmore.

It's rather evident that the game is based around the iconic game Monopoly, a game I remember not liking as a kid but thought I would try. Who knows, maybe in adulthood I would find it more fun?

I have played it with my kids several times. They love it. We went on a vacation to the Black Hills two years ago and saw almost every one of the attractions featured on the game.

The pawns are also South Dakota themed. There's a motorcycle, coyote, and a dinosaur bone to name a few.

The game is available at Walmart stores across South Dakota.

Andy Erickson
Andy Erickson

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