When you think of tornadoes in South Dakota you most likely think of the Spencer Tornado which decimated the small town 21 years ago. 2019 has started out with a bang weather wise but South Dakota has for the most part been spared. So far that is.

According to vox.com it's been quite a spring, especially the month of May.

Tornadoes have been tearing up huge swaths of the United States this week, leaving death and devastation in their wake. On Monday alone, about 55 tornadoes touched down, and at least 27 tornadoes were reported Tuesday. That made Tuesday the 12th consecutive day with at least eight reported tornadoes, beating the record set in 1980. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that 225 tornadoes have been confirmed since May 17.

I recently saw a chart that showed Texas has had over 100 sightings this year. There have been numerous in Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa as well, All while South Dakota has been unaffected, so far.

It's early in the tornado season. History shows they can hit and will again, so keep your eyes open to local forecasts.


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