Does your hunger get the best of you? You're not alone. But, are you one of the 'hangriest' people in the country?

South Dakota and Minnesota residents aren't among the weaker in this category. Even Iowans haven't made the top tier the "hungriest".

Those who live in the Northeast part of the country are the weaker ones with almost half surveyed always or often experiencing a hunger feeling.

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In a report from Talker, men are less likely to be “hangry” than women, with 32% saying they have never experienced “hanger,” as opposed to only 20% of women.

If you're like me, breakfast plays a big part in not snacking before lunch. A bowl of yogurt with oats, fruit, walnuts, and honey makes a huge difference from just a piece of toast and coffee.

With a busy lifestyle, your regular meal times may often fluctuate. This is one of the leading causes of the hangers. Work schedule, not knowing what to cook, and not having time to grocery shop all are the leading contributors.

If you're a parent and have the hangries what do you reach for? Oops, your kid's snacks?

"There’s also a science behind hunger-related mood swings that are connected to our blood sugar levels. Snacks like fruit, dried fruit, nuts, and nut butters require minimal prep and can help restore one’s emotional balance while managing blood sugar levels."

When you have your grumpy pants on it could be that you didn't take the time to eat a proper breakfast or lunch. For your own good, stay away from the vending machine. With a little planning, you can always have something healthy to reach for like nuts or fruit.

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