Compared to the rest of the country our standard of living in the Mt. Rushmore State is pretty cheap, and owning a vehicle is no different.

We are one of only seven states that actually don't require vehicle inspections of any kind.

Some states vary their rules for vehicle inspections so much so that they may differ greatly between counties or even cities within the same state.

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"Take Florida for example. Drivers in Ocala, Florida, in Marion County, won’t have to have their vehicle inspected. However, a driver in Miami, Florida, in Miami Dade-County, will need to have vehicle emissions testing every year."

In South Dakota, we also experience some of the lowest car insurance rates in the country as on average we only spend $100 a month; which is 11% lower than an individual's average monthly car insurance bill.

But does the lack of vehicle inspections lead to more car accidents or injuries?

"Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that Texas, a state that requires vehicle inspection, saw 3,305 fatal car crashes in 2018. South Dakota, which does not require inspection, only saw 110 traffic-related fatalities in 2018."

Do vehicle inspections impact insurance rates at all?

Not at all, as factors that affect insurance rates such as gender, age, driving record, and marital status South Dakota drivers still play less than other US citizens.

A South Dakota driver in their 50s to 60s would only have to pay about $1000 a year on car insurance while a New Jersey driver in the same age range with a similar driving record would have to pay 1,500 for similar auto insurance coverage.

Source: SD Vehicle Registration

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