Pulling up to any gas pump in South Dakota and seeing the price per gallon makes you cringe. But according to the latest info we are paying less than almost all other states.

We are seeing historically high gas prices in the United States.

Many of the states across the nation are seeing the average price of gasoline over $4.00 a gallon. As of today, the average price per gallon is $4.32.

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Here in South Dakota, our average price is just shy of that at $3.96.

AAA released a list of State Gas Price Averages and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa all came in paying the least compared with other states across the nation.

Here are the Top 11 States With The Lowest Gas Prices according to AAA...

  1. Kansas - $3.81
  2. Missouri - $3.84
  3. Oklahoma - $3.85
  4. Nebraska - $3.89
  5. Texas - $3.89
  6. Arkansas - $3.89
  7. North Dakota - $3.90
  8. Iowa - $3.91
  9. Minnesota - $3.95
  10. South Dakota - $3.96
  11. Colorado - $3.97

So when will our gas prices be going down?

Good House Keeping explains that they feel with the war in Ukraine, people traveling more with the relaxed Covid-19 restrictions, and the approaching summer travel season, ... it won't be soon.

There are estimates that we could be seeing $5.00 a gallon gas yet this year.


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