How high will gas prices be for summer travel is a question many will be asking as the price per gallon continues to rise.

The last thing you want to tell your family is that you won't be able to go see their cousins in Minneapolis or Denver this summer. That you won't be camping in Yellowstone. Or, that Mount Rushmore is going to have to wait.

All because it costs so much more this year to fill the tank.

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With $4.00 per gallon of gasoline, double this time a year ago, budgeting a summer trip can make it quite a bit tighter. And, long-distance road travel with the family may need to be scrutinized by the number of activities or events you have planned. It may determine where you stay and for how long.

If you are one to budget out certain details of your vacation, try using Distance Between Cities to calculate your gas expense.

Let's break down one of these vacation destinations as If my wife and I were to drive our 2003 Chevy Tahoe (DON'T JUDGE ME) to Rapid City, SD, and continue to Estes Park, Colorado.
Distance: 735 miles
MPG: 17
Gal: 43.2
$172.50 one-way

(*divide the distance of the route by your miles per gallon to discover how many gallons of gas you will need, then multiply the number of gallons by the price of gas.)

Here are some popular destinations for you to budget a summer trip:

Sioux Falls to Custer, SD - 385 mi.
Sioux Falls to Minneapolis, MN - 236 mi.
Sioux Falls to Hayward, WI - 383 mi.
Sioux Falls to Estes Park, CO - 735 mi.
Sioux Falls to Des Moines, IA - 283 mi.
Sioux Falls to Kansas City, MO - 360 mi.
Sioux Falls to Yellowstone National Park - 832 mi.

With the four vehicles listed below, you can do the math on what it would cost.

GMC Yukon gas tank 26 gallons/25 mpg
Honda Pilot gas tank 19 gallons/27 mpg
Toyota Camry gas tank 15 gallons/39 mpg
Honda Civic gas tank 12 gallons/42


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