OK, you will need a telescope or the aid of technology in the form of a computer sending a feed to see the Astroid sweeping by earth tonight. I noticed on Fox News this asteroid would be visible tonight at 7:15 central. But how about the Name of the Asteroid. The God Of Chaos. You have to credit the Asteroid namers, The God of Chaos is one heck of an imagination evoking surname. According to Fox News;

The asteroid Apophis, nicknamed the "God of Chaos," will pass by Earth on Friday.

It's hard to look up in the night sky and wonder how things don't run into each other more often. It's also a little disconcerting when you think that a little thing like The Ice Age was most likely caused by one of those traffic accidents in space.'

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Tonight, The God of Chaos, according to NASA the size of three football fields should shoosh by our home Planet Earth with plenty of wagon room. As Apophis sweeps by earth tonight it will be about 10 million miles away. That's a comfortable amount of zeros. This Near-Earth Object or 'NEO' is reportedly made up of Rock and Metal. Also, this pass-by of this 'NEO' will be much closer the next time it circles the sun and returns for a closer look in 2029. Next time, it will be some 19,000 miles away. To put that in perspective that's 90% closer to earth than the moon. Better call Bruce Willis and tell him to keep his schedule clear in case we have to send him off on a mission to destroy The God Of Chaos!

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