How do you get to work? Chances are, you don't give it a second thought. Most people in Sioux Falls or around South Dakota just get in their vehicle and take off and go. Some people walk to work, some people ride a bike or now that it's warmer, maybe ride a motorcycle. But have you ever had to use a leapfrog method to 'get where you're going?' This spring many around South Dakota are doing just that. Let's take a look.

June 1, 2019, I took a ride around parts of Charles Mix County. Most of our tour of wetness was around the Lake Andes Area. You know. The actual Lake. That 'lake' is much larger than normal right now. Recent rains have raised the levels of the lake and spread it out.

The rains that have raised the levels in and around Lake Andes have also made it difficult for residents to get to work. Difficult to get to town. Or out to buy Groceries. Imagine, having to leapfrog in with one vehicle, then a four-wheeler to cross the water to another vehicle THEN head to town. People are doing it. Still today in and around Lake Andes.

We also ran across  Federal Wildlife Officer Tyler Barriere who headquarters near the lake. Barriere currently has to utilize a boat to get back and forth to work if he wants to haul anything out. When he doesn't take the johnboat his next best friend is a pair of chest waders to get from one pickup to the other. He didn't complain about it either. [I kind of think he enjoyed the challenge the weather has presented.] And he did add, 'there are going to be a ton of ducks in the area!'

While I was in Lake Andes for Fish Days, I heard of people having to drive through a foot of water just to get home. I also saw some of the damage to county and township roads which will take months and 'millions' to fix. And how about those culverts that are out in Charles Mix County. I heard talk as many as 70 could be out. That makes for a lot of backtracking to check the cows, get to the fields [eventually] and get around in general.

Our hearts go out to those having to deal with the inconvenience and hardship. Here's to drier weather.

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Flooding in Charles Mix County 2019



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