Last year we followed Louie. Actually we followed Oelrichs, South Dakota Barrel Racer Lisa Lockhart. But if you follow Lockhart the attention can quickly focus on Louie.

If you watch Louie run, he's kind of like a great ice skater. He doesn't screw up. He's smooth and runs hard and honest. Ok, that's what Louie looks like. Those that ride, know that the the rider has a LOT do do with making it happen

JUST IN!  Lisa was in the running for a National Championship. Check out the 10th round update from Monte James here.


Last December we mentioned a gnats ass. That's what was the difference Saturday night for Lisa Lockhart and Louie at the National Finals. 6 one hundredths of a second. Taylor Fallon ended up with a better time in round 10 and that was all she needed to If you follow rodeo, you know that it's important to 'get to the finals.' If you do, that's where you real in some serious dollars. Oelrichs, South Dakota barrel racer Lisa

Listen to Monte James from Territorial Rodeo Update with an update on regional cowboys and cowgirls and how they did in Round 10 here

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