According to National Geographic, there are three main types of pollution: air, water, and land. The United States and all countries have a continuous task to combat pollution as our society and population continues to evolve.

In a recent rankings release from U.S. News, South Dakota was among the top 5 states in the country with the least pollution.


Here are the top 10 states with the LEAST amount of pollution per the article:

1) Vermont

2) New Hampshire

3) South Dakota

4) New Mexico

5) Wyoming

6) California

7) Rhode Island

8) Maine

9) Colorado

10) Idaho



That's the good list. Now for a look at the bottom 10 states with the MOST pollution:

41) Alabama

42) Illinois

43) Tennessee

44) Oregon


45) Ohio

46) Utah

47) Delaware

48) Indiana

49) Nevada

50) Louisiana


South Dakota remains a great option for an affordable, clean, and safe place to live and ultimately retire. As recently as 2018, named the Mount Rushmore State one of the hottest retirement destinations in the country.

Per the article:

"Our ranking rated all 50 states in seven categories — cost of living, taxes, health care quality, weather, crime, cultural vitality and overall well-being — and then weighed those scores based on a 2017 survey in which we asked respondents what was important to them if they were to move to a new home in retirement.

Despite ranking 38th for weather, thanks to an average annual temperature around 45 degrees, South Dakota scored in the top quartile in each of the other groups. While you may endure some frigid nights, nearly every other aspect of the average South Dakotan retiree’s life is peachy-keen."

There you have it, South Dakota appears to be on the rise as a great place to call home in the United State and beyond.

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