The Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls lost one of its precious animals last week to what appears to be the coronavirus.

Dakota News Now is reporting that Baya a female snow leopard died Thursday night (October 7) after becoming lethargic and displaying a cough and other symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19 the weekend before.

According to Dakota News Now, once the staff at the Great Plains Zoo discovered Baya was ill with coronavirus-like symptoms, the team at the zoo provided 24-hour care for the animal but she passed away despite their best efforts to treat her.

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Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum CEO Becky Dewitz, told Dakota News Now, “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Baya. Our animal care and veterinary staff fought arduously and did their best to help give Baya a fighting chance. Each day, our animal care staff work to give our animals high-quality care and their passion and dedication is evident. This loss is a deep wound, and our team grieves together."

On Wednesday of last week, another animal at the Great Plains Zoo, an Amur tiger named, Keesa, also tested positive for a virus that is consistent with COVID-19.

Since that time, all the big cats at the zoo have been removed from public display.

The veterinary team at the zoo continues to monitor their condition and will administer supportive therapies as needed for the duration of any animals illness.

Dakota News Now reports that a necropsy has been planned to further investigate the death of Baya the snow leopard.

Source: Dakota News Now

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