Did you have fun driving on ice over the weekend?

Of course not. There is no such thing, as we all know.

When you can't get your car into the garage because it keeps sliding down the driveway, that's bad.

And let's not think about trying to navigate streets that haven't been treated. Oh, the fun of trying to stop at an intersection.

As someone who goes to work so early that most people are still sleeping, driving in snow that fell overnight is bad. You leave home, hoping to get to an Emergency Snow Route that may be a couple of blocks away, and you try to stay between the ditches or sidewalks until you get to work. Then, you hope to make it into the parking lot.

But ice is a different animal. You can't go fast, of course, but going slow isn't easy, either. And you can find yourself in the ditch before you even know what happened.

We know it's going to get like this--we've all seen it before and we still live here, so we have no one to blame.

But if you're like me, you're just hoping it doesn't happen very often.

Not for a long time would be good.


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