It's bad enough that you have to walk like a penguin just to get to your car, but then you discover your car takes longer to slow down when you need to slam on the brakes for that little hatchback pulled out in front of you.

The first occurrence of icy roads serves as a reminder for all of us about how to drive in slick conditions.

Four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive helps you accelerate better in slick conditions, but it does little to help you stop.

Even with four-wheel drive and/or winter tires, it pays to slow down and allow more distance between you and the car ahead.

KSFY News reports that there were dozens of accidents around Sioux Falls Tuesday night into the Wednesday morning commute.

The Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office and the South Dakota Highway Patrol have issued advisories asking drivers to slow down.

You can find the latest driving conditions from the South Dakota Department of Transportation here.

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