What on earth would we have to talk about if we didn't have WEATHER! You can stop a stranger anywhere, anytime and fire up a bit of a conversation by talking about the weather. Monday morning we are doing just that. Oh, it's the last Monday of the month and the month is June.

We read this morning from the National Weather Service that several inches of snow are expected to fall in the mountain regions of Montana and Idaho. Check your calendar, it's June 29, 2020. Here in the Midwest we will be in the upper 80's today and we are expected to be in the low 90's with feels like temperatures over 100 expected for Tuesday. While we are experiencing 'corn growing weather' here in South Dakota, parts of the country are looking to fire up the snow plow.

Can you imagine city councils and county boards debating whether or not to fire up the snow plows for a July 4th clearing of the roads. Sounds like it could happen southwest of Billings Montana throughout the upper levels of Idaho.


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