So, what are the chances of a 'Zombie Apocalypse actually happening anywhere?' Slim would be stretching it. But if it 'did happen', and you live in South Dakota, you could probably find yourself feeling pretty confident that you and your family would survive. The fact that we live, where we live, helps us the most!

I recently came upon an article that listed our great state as the 2nd Best place to live if you were going to survive a Zombie Attack. Cable said;

The Walking Dead season 10 averaged 5.4 million viewers after many thought the show was dead (go figure). Americans still have the zombie itch since the finale was postponed, which left them gnawing for more insight on whether they could survive something like a Zombie Attack.

It makes sense. Population levels are low.  It only takes you a few minutes to 'get out of town, even if you had to hike out in the middle of the night. A half a tank of gas and a connection with someone in the country and you would have to feel pretty confident that you and your family survive. After all, those who have the luxury of living in the country have fresh water, livestock to eat, wood to burn, and intimate knowledge of the lay of the land. In short, it wouldn't be a good play for Zombies to try people living in South Dakota.

It's really just another perk about South Dakota living. Sure, we freeze in the winter and roast in the summer, but there's nothing like a little wagon room. Especially if something like a Zombie Apocalypse would break out. Think about it, NBC or ABC evening news would be counting on media outlets like Dakota News Now to bring you the Zombie Updates. Local Radio outlets like Townsquare Media/Results Radio would have generators running and keep people informed.

The other great thing about living in a state like South Dakota is that many people are already at least partially prepared. Many have an AR, shotgun, a few rifles, and even a knife in case things got up close and personal during a zombie apocalypse. You've heard the term 'don't mess with Texas? South Dakota and our neighbors to the north need a phrase that paints them as prepared and ready for anything. In fact, North Dakota topped the list as the state least likely to get messed with by zombies.

By the way, if you live in New York, Florida, or Pennsylvania you may want to consider moving your family.

So, what do you think? Has it crossed your mind? You can bet that South Dakotan's watching The Walking Dead probably found themselves giggling at the thought. Many probably thought to themselves they could probably hold off a couple hundred, by themselves!

Sure, it's fiction, and not going to happen. And it also serves as a reminder that we are fortunate, to be living here in the Midwest....away from too many people, and potential trouble. Like a Zombie Apocalypse.

Thank you for sharing this with your Walking Dead, Zombie Ready-South Dakota, and North Dakota friends. You know who they are. The ones you'll be calling first, in case of a Zombie Apocalypse!

NOTE: The guy in the photo should probably not have on fall camo during the early summer months. And get some gloves on to cover those white hands up too!

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