LoCash recently sat down with Taste of Country after their performance at WE Fest 2016 for a revealing game of Never Have I Ever. A two-minute-long video captures all the fun from Thursday (Aug. 4) night, where we learned much more about LoCash's Preston Brust and Chris Lucas.

The first question asked was whether either of the bandmates have ever flashed somebody and Brust quickly took a swig from his red Solo cup. Meanwhile, Lucas wasn't quite sure.

"Wait, does the butt count as a flash?"

Yes, it does so he then he, too, drinks.

"I did that today," he says with a big smile.

Next question: Never have I ever snooped through my significant other's phone?

While Brust has never snooped, Lucas admits that he has.

"Every now and then, you know? My wife's so much hotter than me so I have to make sure that I'm keeping her real," he reasons.

While neither bandmate have gotten into a fight at a festival, Lucas confesses that he has while on stage with a fan. But, he was only trying to look out for his bandmate.

"He tried to hit Preston. He got his ass kicked too," Lucas says.

Have LoCash gone streaking or seen another famous person naked? Watch the video above to learn more about the duo's wild side.

LoCash performed at WE Fest 2016 for the first time on Thursday for a high intensity set that included many tracks off their latest album The Fighters, as well as several impressive covers and two songs they penned that Keith Urban (“You Gonna Fly”) and Tim McGraw (“Truck Yeah”) recorded. Throughout the band’s 80-minute set their energy never wavered, and by the last song, they had many festival attendees dancing in the pit for a spirited singalong of their Top 5 single, “I Love This Life.”

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