A few days ago I put a quick post up on our Facebook. The simple post said many small towns have a restaurant or restaurant/bar that is still open, even if it's for curbside delivery only and keeping some of the small towns fed. The response was overwhelming as people put a quick reminder up about their place.

Several people took the time to email me as well. I wanted to share this one from Jacquelynn Skotvold. She told the story about The Centerville Steakhouse;

The Centerville Steakhouse is still open doing curbside/delivery. It is owned and operated by a hometown couple that has three children, Doug and Jamie Edberg. My daughter and I work there and because of the Coronavirus, this is our only income right now. We are doing curbside pickup and delivery (free). I am beyond grateful to Doug and Jamie for making this work so I can pay some of my bills. The community and surrounding residents have been amazing. A lot of customers have been very generous with their tips and have made me appreciate living in this small town even more.

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Thank you to our wonderful community and surrounding communities for supporting our local businesses that are doing what they can to stay open in whatever capacity so they can make sure people keep their jobs and services available.

A special thank you to those customers tonight that gave tips! Your generosity brought tears to my eyes tonight. I’m proud and grateful to live in a community where we always come together regardless of backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions! We are Centerville Strong! Blessings and prayers to each of you!

As you can tell, your patronage means a lot to these businesses. The stress of not having the doors open on a day to day basis must be immense. You can also hear the appreciation and sincereness in the way she wrote.

Take a look in your pantry today. If you live in a small town, chances are you know the number of the restaurant or bar that's serving food tonight. Give them a call and order enough for leftovers tomorrow. And if you can swing it, tip like you've never tipped before.


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