Tyler wrote; The Hawks Nest in Canistota is doing take out or delivery. He has awesome specials every night and also any takeout order he is donating $5 back to the Canistota athletic association. That's just the start of it. There were a ton of people who wrote in. I appreciate it!

Drive through any small town. You'll see a business here, and another there. Most of them, if they are lucky to have a cafe in town. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, life is even harder for the all-important small town cafe. I posted on our Facebook Page,

I'm looking to do a story about 'small-town restaurants and bars that are still serving their communities curbside and with deliveries. In the comments below give me an update, or email me at jdcollins@kikn.com.

It's so easy to get lost in the Sioux Falls of it all. Most of the comments were overwhelmingly positive. It's making for hard times. But these people who do business in small towns are a different kind of tough, with a different kind of resilience. The easiest way to see the list of ALL the places is to circle back here to our Facebook page then order up tonight. Oh, and don't forget a HEFTY, HEFTY tip if you can swing it!

Check out some of the stories that were emailed to me. Like Cara Christian who wrote;

Skeeters Bar and Grill is located in a small town 35miles NW of Mitchell. Woonsocket has about 600 people. Skeeters is responsible for our Area Nutrition program that serves those 60 years and older or those with disabilities that don’t allow them to cook for themselves. Volunteers have come together to help us get about 25 meals a day to those shut-in or choose not to come out right now. 

We serve food 7 days a week. Attached to the bar is a convenience store, N40, that opens at 6:30 am-10 pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday and Sunday 10 am-10 pm. We offer breakfast as well as lunch and supper. Skeeters menu is available for pick up at the N40 store, curbside delivery or even home delivery.  We have been trying to stay on our normal routine, Wednesday we have Wing Wednesday, we offer boneless and bone-in wings and 14 flavors to choose from. Thursday evening we offer an Italian beef sandwich meal. Saturday evening is our Slow Roasted Prime Rib.  

COVID-19 has had a large impact on the business as our doors have been locked since Monday, March 23rd. However, as a community, we all will get through this together! 

Jaimie told me about Hef's in Chester;

My mom Jackie VanLiere took over the bar after my grandpa Dalton Hefner passed away from brain cancer years ago. My mom made the decision to flip the bar in September. She, along with the community and our family worked very hard to make "Hefs" into something very special. We know Hef's is a popular spot and will try to do a follow-up story on this place!

Jacquelynn wrote:

Hi. I saw your post on Facebook and thought I’d reach out to you. The Centerville Steakhouse is still open doing curbside/delivery. It is owned and operated by a hometown couple that has three children, Doug and Jamie Edberg. My daughter and I work there and because of the Coronavirus, this is our only income right now. We are doing curbside pickup and delivery (free). I am beyond grateful to Doug and Jamie for making this work so I can pay some of my bills. The community and surrounding residents have been amazing. A lot of customers have been very generous with their tips and have made me appreciate living in this small town even more. 

Marsha from Arizona wrote;

There is a bar in Canova called Animals and what keeps her open is the older costumers who depend on their senior meals.  Doesn't get any smaller then Canova. I live in AZ, but I was born and raised in Canova and still have family there.
Pat wrote;
My name is Pat Miller and I own Fresh Horses Saloon in Harrisburg. I noticed your FB post and thought I would drop you a line  When businesses in Sioux Falls began closing we made the difficult decision to go to carry out only. This was a decision we made to do our part for the community we live in as well as to keep our staff and family safe
Pat wrote;
We are a small-town bar and restaurant in Pipestone Minnesota; about 45 minutes from Sioux Falls. We will be approaching our 2nd year of business in June this year. We have had to close to curbside and delivery only which has brought up many roadblocks and a learning curve for all of our staff.
Again, circle back to our Facebook page and scroll through the comments to see some of the small-town restaurants in your area. They could use a call from your family tonight!
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