I stumbled across a story on my Facebook feed Tuesday afternoon that Chad Rogers had put up. When I saw it I thought, oh here we go another downer of a story due to the biggest downer of the year Coronavirus. The story that Rogers put up was actually from an Attorney/Rancher from Lemmon, South Dakota, Shane Penfield.

I chuckled a little bit when I read it. Having grown up in Kennebec, South Dakota, I remember people like Donnie Miller from Don's Market saying how he loved it when people shopped in his store instead of nearby Chamberlain, Winner, or Pierre. Heck, Presho has had a sign that says, thank you for shopping local as you leave town. It's a true reminder that if you shop, where you live, things are indeed better.

Our manager, Don Jacobs here at Results Radio/Townsquare Media in Sioux Falls has preached for years to shop local. To avoid the BIG box stores. This story resonated that philosophy, but on a different scale.

I'm proud of our State. I'm proud that Governor Noem played the Covid-19 situation the way she did. Yes, we've suffered a loss like everywhere else, but we've kept so much more 'in place and in play.' Little Lemmon, South Dakota, nestled along the northern South Dakota border tells a story. When you stay at home, you shop at home. And when you shop at home, your town benefits.

Our house is different here today. My wife and I have been home more. We have inadvertently saved money. We have a new carpet in our basement and a new fence in our back yard as a result. I see LOADS OF PROJECTS going on in my neighborhood. As much as I detest what's happened to our country due to COVID-19, there are bright spots that are starting to show from the whole ordeal. We are taking care of the home!

I can't help but think that small towns like Freeman, or Marion, or Centerville or Howard might also be revealing similar stats. It's positive. It made my belly feel good and I hope we see more and hear more stories like this. Small Towns in South Dakota, are one of the best-kept secrets in the world.

I follow farm guy-cattle producer, LOCAL LOGIC guy Troy Hadrick on Facebook too and he noted, We had similar results in Faulkton. Great news!

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