I stumbled across a story on my Facebook feed Tuesday afternoon that Chad Rogers had put up. When I saw it I thought, oh here we go another downer of a story due to the biggest downer of the year Coronavirus. The story that Rogers put up was actually from an Attorney/Rancher from Lemmon, South Dakota, Shane Penfield. It read;

Sales tax receipts for the City of Lemmon are up 169% for the same two month period as last year. The city is up by 25% for the year. By staying and shopping at home we've made a big difference. The rest of the country is beginning to recognize that rural America is a desirable place to own a business, raise a family, or retire.

I hadn't given it a bit of thought prior to reading the post. But it made sense. Residents of Small own Lemmon, South Dakota were told to stay home due to Coronavirus. What turns out to be good news was, they kept their dollars at home too. While the news of Coronavirus swept the nation and residents were encouraged to 'shelter in place,' one simple thing happened in this small town. Those dollars that drift out under the door like smoke on weekend shopping trips to bigger towns and cities were staying home.

I chuckled a little bit when I read it. Having grown up in Kennebec, South Dakota, I remember people like Donnie Miller from Don's Market saying how he loved it when people shopped in his store instead of nearby Chamberlain, Winner, or Pierre. Heck, Presho has had a sign that says, thank you for shopping local as you leave town. It's a true reminder that if you shop, where you live, things are indeed better.

Our manager, Don Jacobs here at Results Radio/Townsquare Media in Sioux Falls has preached for years to shop local. To avoid the BIG box stores. This story resonated that philosophy, but on a different scale.

I'm proud of our State. I'm proud that Governor Noem played the Covid-19 situation the way she did. Yes, we've suffered a loss like everywhere else, but we've kept so much more 'in place and in play.' Little Lemmon, South Dakota, nestled along the northern South Dakota border tells a story. When you stay at home, you shop at home. And when you shop at home, your town benefits.

Our house is different here today. My wife and I have been home more. We have inadvertently saved money. We have a new carpet in our basement and a new fence in our back yard as a result. I see LOADS OF PROJECTS going on in my neighborhood. As much as I detest what's happened to our country due to COVID-19, there are bright spots that are starting to show from the whole ordeal. We are taking care of the home!

I can't help but think that small towns like Freeman, or Marion, or Centerville or Howard might also be revealing similar stats. It's positive. It made my belly feel good and I hope we see more and hear more stories like this. Small Towns in South Dakota, are one of the best-kept secrets in the world.

I follow farm guy-cattle producer, LOCAL LOGIC guy Troy Hadrick on Facebook too and he noted, We had similar results in Faulkton. Great news!

Thank you for sharing this with your Facebook friends and family members!

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