An employee at a Taco John's in Southeastern Sioux Falls took quick action and may have saved a woman's life.

Justin Hageman was working his normal shift at Taco Johns a guest stopped Justin and asked for help because her friend was in the car choking.

Justin quickly removed the guest from the car, performed the Heimlich, and dislodged the obstruction from her airway.

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Now Justin is receiving some acknowledgment for his potentially lifesaving actions. Tina Kurzinski Braam from Taco John's International came to Sioux Falls to award Justin Hageman with a “Life Saver award”.

Ted Miller, Vice President of Operations at Midwest Mexican Foods, said, "Justin is an amazing person. We are all very proud of him."

It was also noted on Taco John's Facebook page that “This isn't just remarkable because Justin's quick actions saved a guest! It's even more incredible because Justin was only 5 days back to work after taking the last 9 months off to battle stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma with chemo & radiation. Justin is a very humble man and is grateful he was there to be able to help. At Taco John's, we are so grateful to have Justin back!”

Some of the comments on Taco John's Facebook page include:

Elaine Kasdorf: God bless you, Justin, you were at the right place and time to help. Congrats on your award too.

Kimberly Kae Bluhm: That is the greatest thing ever you rock way to go to do what u needed to do to save a stranger you are a gift from God.

Lawrence Larson: Nice, free tacos for life! So awesome my man, Taco Johns is lucky to have someone as outstanding as you, my friend!

Bravo Justin! Bravo!

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