It wasn't that long ago that major retailers wanted to give customers an early peek at Black Friday specials by opening their doors on Thanksgiving. The decision drew a lot of ire from holiday purists and retail employees yet others turned it into a Thanksgiving afternoon tradition.

It looks like those days may be behind us as a large number of businesses will not open on Thanksgiving 2021 which signals the return to very early shopping on Friday. Coffee at 4:00 AM, anyone?

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These major retailers, all in Sioux Falls, have made the decision not to open their doors until Friday morning. According to Yahoo Finance, these stores have committed to staying closed on Thanksgiving:

Best Buy - This gives their customers a fair chance at scoring those great electronics deals on Friday.

Costco - They will also be closed on Christmas Day.

Target - They did the same in 2020 and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Walmart - they said, "Staying closed on Thanksgiving Day is our way of saying 'thank you' to our employees."

Barnes & Noble


Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Dick's Sporting Goods

Aldi (so no running to Aldi on Turkey day to pick up stuffing. Got it.)

Home Depot

JC Penney


Empire Mall

With that, let's bring back football, family, and turkey. Better yet, open a bottle of wine and decorate the house with the family. Amen.


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