Some positive news from Gaylynn Huber, director of Sioux Falls Streets in the aftermath of Monday's snow storm.

"We had a really good night. We will be done with Zone 3 by noon [Tuesday] and we will have half of Zone 2 done," explained Huber. "We started plowing at 8 this morning and should be done by this evening. By noon, we should have all of Zone 3 done which is 90 percent of the city."

"The north south streets on Zone 2 will be done. [Tuesday] afternoon we are going to pick up snow along some of the major routes," continued Huber. "[Tuesday] night at 8:00 PM we will get back into Zone 2 and finish the east west streets. At midnight the plows will be clearing the streets in downtown Sioux Falls."

Despite the cold weather, Gaylynn Huber says the equipment has held up. So far, he says everything has gone great for his snow plow crews.