The next time you visit downtown Sioux Falls you will notice some changes, a few new sculptures have been added to the downtown Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk, with more art pieces on the way later this week.

Dakota News Now is reporting that crews braved the poor weather conditions on Saturday (May 16) to install eleven new sculptures to the downtown landscape of Phillips Avenue.

During a normal year, these new pieces of art would have already been in place by the middle of March, but, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year as been anything but normal.

Eleven new sculpts were added on Saturday, and according to Dakota News Now, eight more sculptures are planned to make their downtown debut on Thursday (May 21).

Jim Clark, the Director of the Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk told Dakota News Now, "The objective for the redesign for Sculpture Walk this year was to shelter in place the ones that were here. The artists couldn't travel, so we thought let's keep moving forward, bring new sculptures, re-energize the program, help to re-energize downtown, and Sioux Falls. We need to keep going, and we need to keep living."

When all is said and done, downtown Sioux Falls will be booming with original art pieces. The plan is to keep 43 sculptures still in place from last year and add an additional 18 new pieces during 2020.

As Dakota News Now reports, the exhibit will end up showcasing a total of 62 pieces of artwork, making it the highest number of sculptures on display in the Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk to date.

Source: Dakota News Now

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