This past week I took a couple of days off. I find myself hording vacation days because I think that bow hunting is so important in the fall but for the past few years, I've been trying to force myself to take vacation days before the first of June.

I headed out to my hometown of Kennebec, South Dakota this past weekend and took in the Norwegian syttende Mai at Vivian on Thursday. The food was great and it was awesome to get caught up with some folks I hadn't seen for a long time. Right after the event I got in the car and headed back to Sioux Falls.

I like a little alone time in the car. I can listen to what I want as loud as I like or nothing at all.

JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls
JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls

Friday morning I was up fairly early. It was a scheduled play day with our Grand Daughter Harper. We had a pretty good time. I took her to buy a new bicycle, but she was quickly distracted and decided she wanted bubbles instead of the bike. It saved me $100 bucks so I was fine with that.

Later that afternoon we went to Frank Olson Park in Sioux Falls. We noticed some activities up around the pool area so we decided to do a little exploring and check it out. Harper was excited to see water in the pool and I was too. Won't be long Sioux Falls!  Pools open June 1st in Sioux Falls!

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