The Sioux Falls Police Department is busy 24/7. You can ask any patrol officer in the city and they will tell you they never know what they will encounter when they are out to protect and serve.

I do so enjoy when they are able to share a bit of humor from what is most often a very serious job. This morning the Sioux Falls Police Department posted the following on their Facebook page: "Sgt. Olsen doesn't lose many foot pursuits as this chicken that was trespassing in the police department parking lot this morning quickly found out. Let this be your reminder if you are a criminal to not run from the police because we will catch you. (Side note: the chicken was safely secured in a patrol vehicle until turned over to animal control. While we waited for animal control, it produced an egg in the patrol vehicle.)"

Well done SFPD AND Sgt. Olsen!

Sioux Falls Police Dept.
Sioux Falls Police Dept.

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