Officer Sam Clemens of the Sioux Falls Police Department provided information on several crimes committed over the weekend of October 12th through the 14th.

Sioux Falls police continue to comb through the details of a stabbing Friday night (October 12) in Downtown Sioux Falls. The victim claimed he was assaulted just before 9:00 PM when he parked his car and got out in the 600 Block of North Main Avenue. The victim says the man attacking him was dressed in black from head to toe, including a hood. A struggle for the car keys ensued, and that’s when the suspect produced a knife and allegedly stabbed the victim in the forearm. The 25-year-old victim drove himself to the hospital, received stitches and was dismissed.

It was a big weekend for thieves in Sioux Falls, helping themselves to items in unlocked cars across the city area. Cash, bags, checks, wallets were reported stolen as well as two weapons. A handgun was stolen from an unlocked vehicle near 4th Street and Franklin Avenue, and another near 53rd Street and Oxbow. Of the two, one victim cited that the locks on the door didn’t work properly, while the other did not articulate why the doors were unlocked with a gun inside.

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