A Sioux Falls man is facing a list of charges that started with the theft of an unattended car left running in front of a house and ended in a multi-car crash on 41st and Louise.

Police say that 18-year-old Caeser Jesus Roderick Valle stole a car Monday afternoon from a home on West 14th Street near the intersection of W. 12th Street and Marion Road.

It was a crime of opportunity as the car's owner started the vehicle then went inside, Dakota News Now reports. While the owner was away, police say Valle entered the car and drove off.

The car's owner called the police to report the theft. A short time later, an officer saw the car near 26th Street and I-29. A traffic stop was attempted but police say Valle accelerated away at a high rate of speed. The officer did not chase Valle.

Police say Valle ran a stoplight and hit a car as he continued east on 26th Street onto Louise Avenue. Officers say Valle was weaving in and out of the heavy afternoon traffic on Louise.

According to police, Valle crashed into two vehicles at the intersection of 41st Street and Louise. This crash disabled the vehicle. Valle exited the car and ran off.

Police eventually found Valle at a nearby apartment complex. Police say Valle knocked on doors hoping someone would let him in. Instead, residents pointed out to police that Valle was hiding in a laundry room where he was found and arrested.

Valle faces a laundry list of charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, grand theft, felony-hit-and-run, aggravated eluding, reckless driving, no driver's license, and several moving violations.

No injuries were reported from the crashes.

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