Sidewalk Art

Monday evening I was out for a walk with Molly the Black Lab. First, we picked up the mail, then I couldn't help but notice some of the awesome artistry on display while walking around the block!

Amazing work! A couple who were also out for an evening 'distant stroll, noticed that I was intrigued and came over and took a look. As I walked on, I looked back and noticed them showing applause to the family that lived inside. It was quite a sight to see. The artwork did what it was supposed to do. Transfer a feeling. The feeling was of hope and simply being positive!

How about you? Have you seen signs like this around your neighborhood while out for a walk? If you have, chances are your belly feels a little better tonight when you lay your head down for the day. I know mine will!

We see a lot of doom and gloom on the TV. Coronavirus seems to be everywhere. Everywhere except in the hearts and on the chalk covered hands of these 'sidewalk artists, on Sioux Falls, South Dakota's southeast side!

If you have any sidewalk art that should be shared, make sure you post them in our Facebook comments!

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